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Weekly Rant

It's the first EVER weekly rant. Merida was meant to be doing it yesturday but she didn't for one reason or another. So this weeks topic of ranting is.......... CATS.
Am I the only person that hates cats? Seriously they are the most grotesque creatues ever. I can understand having a dog, they love you but cats just go out and kill a few guinea pigs, birds and frogs then come back eat some terrible smellling food then go out and kill some more inocent cute critters. Now kittens are cute for the first week or something then they just turn into evil biting machienes! WHAT IS THE POINT???
That web site just proves how ANNOYING and PATHETIC cats are. Really what is the point? Just get a dog... or even better a guinea pig.
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cats aren't very nice, but there food isn't as bad as dog food, seriously dog food is really the most horrible thing you could possibly imagine
cats are the most disgusting animals in the world. they do nothing useful and are just so ugly. also animals taht eat mainly all meat smell really bad. they also kill rabbits and rabbits are the best animals.

AND tehy shit in other people's gardens and it's unbelievably unhygenic but normally cat owners when you bring up that point go 'aww my cat doesn't he's really house trained' this isnt true they just do it in other people's gardens.

I hate cats
i like cats.
:O Crazy... Even their shit?
they shit in the garden ;)
Name: Elle
Age: 13
Sorry but I like cats :) theyre all furry and warm and soooo cute... and they only kill little animals cos its natural.. and yeah the animals are innocent, but they're there to be eaten by the cats... They cant help eating the smelly food, its the stuff we give them...
You said to get a dog or a guinea pig instead.. but guinea pigs are the most borrring things ever, you might as well just have a pet.. snail or something, they just sit there and make horny noises in their bellies :S theyre so dull
Ah all ranted out now.. but I LIKE CATS >:(
Cats are nice , there cleaner than dogs and dont smell as bad . Their food stinks but not as much as dog food that just reeks . Guinea pigs do nothing ... just squeak a bit .