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Neds in your area.

heres the thing.

Name : stephen..but you can call me purdie.
Age : 17

First things first...im scottish, and what i HATE THE MOST IS NED'S!!. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this term it stands for non-educated deliqwents and thats exactly what they are.
They are a leach on our economy, they are a virus of scottish society, they are just plain filth.
A ned can usually be identified by the fact that he is caked out in full kappa/addias gear, in pure white or blue and they talk in there own little dialect, that they have mastered to make them as intimidating as possible. Many walk around with a blade, so you try your best to stay out of there way. These people ruin the lives and communities of everyday people and they have infiltrated into the smallest of villages. In some places its advised not to go out on you own as these people roam the streets bleeding our country dry, taking part in malicious acts of destruction and violence, that can be sparked off by just making eye contact with them. What i wouldnt give to have genocide right here in glasgow, burn every last motherfucking one of them, for a chance to feel safe in your own community once again.
buts thats just my opinion...what ya to do?

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