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Rant: "Counselling" w/ various interchangeable talk-shows

What is it w/ these people who go on talk shows to talk about their problems? (I won't name any talk show(s) in this rant b/c somebody will sue me.) As sympathetic as I am, surely if their problems have been affecting them for "years", & still are affecting them so badly that they can't cope/even function, they could've gone to their GPs to get some help & talk in complete privacy about whatever is wrong? "Affecting me for yrs"? 1st I've ever heard of it! They don't really need to sit in front of a studio audience telling the whole nation what is wrong. There's nothing really wrong w/ these people, b/c if there was they'd get help sooner.

The people on there just seem to want to become a celebrity & to get their 15mins of fame. As if your friends will look up to you b/c you've been on one!It doesn't make good, entertaining TV viewing if everyone on there is nice, behaves rationally towards each other. That's all the shows are; entertainment, in the loosest possible sense of the word. I swear the shows just have 3-4 different show topics, which get changed slightly to make the viewer think he/she's seen it. You shouldn't be able to become a celebrity that way anyway.To me celebrities are/were talented people who have actually done something useful, something worthwhile to get where they are, who deserve the attention they get. Tony Iommi, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore, AC/DC, Robert Plant [this list has been edited b/c I will be here for a week] are proper celebrities to me and/or people who've helped someone in some way, yet people on the talk shows who tell shocking stories that nobody needs/wants to hear get far more attention. It could be argued that nobody needs to hear any of the artists I've listed either, b/c they're all "only entertainment", but obviously listening to them is far less harrowing than watching talk shows.
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