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Name: Elle
Age: 13
I want to rant about sats cos theyre not important to anyone.. ever.. at all, and they stress everyone out pointlessly and when you ask a teacher how theyre important they dont give a proper answer because theyre not important, and the questions are stupid because we havent even learnt them.. and when you come into the exam late and the teachers say we'll just wait for elle to take her seat and everyone looks at you for ages when you try to find your seat and you nearly fall over on the way and its really embarassing and the dumbass behind you has a rattly pen through ALL the exams and it rattles all the time ... and when youre in maths and its 10 seconds from the end and THEN you remember how to work out ratios and then she says pens down and everyones writing quickly but the bitch examiner womans looking at you so you cant put the answer down and AAAAAH...

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