Stuart Tourle (be_my_chicago) wrote in doyoulikemyrant,
Stuart Tourle

1)Baby Short Legs
3)I FUCKING HATE people who complain in Mcdonald's. They're always totally pikey, it's clearly the best place they've ever eaten in.
If their food is late or a bit cold, they fucking go into one at the retarded guy working behind the counter, as if he's gonna make it better. IT'S FUCKING MCDONALD'S. The food is going to be shit. It will probably take too long to get to you. It WILL be cold. It's not a 5 star restaurant, it's a fucking take away. But these people always shout loud enough so everyone can hear them, if they can over the screams of said complainer's filthy child. If I'm queuing next to them I want to hold their stupid face on the burger fryer.
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