yearofthehorse (yearofthehorse) wrote in doyoulikemyrant,

1. Liam
2. 16
3. I fucking hate I swear they're trying to monopolize online ticket sales or something, and they're fucking cunts. Ticket web dont even sell mean fiddler tickets anymore, and im sure its because of these cunts. They charge ridiculous ammounts of money for 'P&P' and 'booking fees'. Earlier I was trying to book a ticket; the ticket was £11, fair enough, booking fee was £2.50 extra and postage and packaging was £1.60!? Piss off! Thats ridiculous. And to make sure they get even more cash, they only let you book one setof tickets at a time, so you have to pay p&p more than once. Absolute dickheading cuntfaces.
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