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Rant - Women w/ Anorexia Nervosa

Why it that young women feel the need to starve themselves to get attention nowadays? It's all "oh, look how much I haven't eaten , pay attention to me" . I hate all this self-starving. I hate how it's a fad now. There's people who are literally starving who would absolutely love to eat something, people who will be likely to die if they don't, yet there's young women who could eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it, but they don't eat anything. They throw their perfectly good food away, making everyone worry about them, choosing not to eat when they should be happy they even have the choice to get things to eat. At the end of the day there is so much more to worry about in this world than what size you are.

I think "anorexia" is the wrong term anyway b/c it literally means "loss of appetite" b/c you're ill
/ the food you're eating is so disgusting you feel queasy (in which case give it to your dog/cat) "Anorexia" does not mean " ravenously hungry but stupidly forcing oneself not to eat." It should be renamed ES, for Enforced Starvation. If somebody is stupid enough to do this to their body, they shouldn't read any women's weekly glossy magazines, b/c all they do is give you stupid ideas when they wouldn't've dreamed of doing anything like this otherwise.
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