Do You Like My Rant?

Angry and proud

Do you like my rant?
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Welcome to Do You Like my Rant?

We are Merida (posterxpretty) and Zoe (_letyougo). We are geeky, obsessive and love to rant! We are bored of the "amihawt" type communities so have decided to make are own community which isn't self obsessed and shallow).

In this community to join all you have to do to join is fill out this simple questionairre below and start ranting!
1. Name
2. Age
3. Write a quick rant about something
Once you have posted that the rest of the community will decide if we "Rate your Rant" and if we do, YOUR IN!

Each week either Merida or Zoe will post a topic for the members to rant on. Also, when ever anything is getting on your nerves feel free to come here and write about it!

Some Rules:
1. No homaphobic/racist/sexist rants please!
2. No telling people to "calm down" in their ranting.
3. If you disagree with a rant please just simply say you disagree and tell them why. Don't start telling the member they are a "bitch" or something.
4. If you have a picture to post with your rant please put it behind an lj-cut.
5. No ranting about current members of doyoulikemyrant

Keep on RANTIN'!